Dr. Surat Singh

Passion for Improving Law Education In India  

Dr. Surat Singh works passionately along with his other compatriot top Indian lawyers to improve the qualities of education, training and practice of law in the country. In 1995, he headed as the Director of Delhi Law School's most prestigious Advanced Constitution Litigation program that had India's top lawyers as member-teachers. He has lectured extensively in Indian and International law-school campuses.

Dr. Surat Singh's opinions, analyses and features regularly publish in the most prestigious of newspapers and magazines like Times of India, The Economic Times, Hindustan Times. He is a much sought after panelist on TV channels on debates on high value national and international issues.

Dr. Surat Singh sharing the dias with the Chief Justice of India
Giving Back to Law & the Society...  

Dr. Surat Singh is also India's one of strongest voices, respected for actively supporting and representing the rights of citizens to get justice. He has had more than 500 appearances on national and international TV and radio channels including BBC, NDTV, Zee TV on issues of critical social, political and judicial importance.

Dr. Singh is highly respected both by Bench as well as by the Bar. In a recent case for guidelines for media, he argued before the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court of India that in India trial by media should be regulated. Media should be both robustly free but also responsible in covering pending court cases.

Surat's law firm Surat Singh & Associates is based out of New Delhi and it offers legal services to national and international clients in corporate and business matters. To know more about how you can participate in Surat Singh's public interest initiatives or seek assistance in legal matters, please write to info@drsurat.com.

Dr. Surat Singh addressing at the Harward Law School

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