Dr. Surat Singh

Dr. Surat Singh -
Harvard & Oxford Educated Top Lawyer of India
B.C.L, Oxford  |  L.L.M Gold Medallist, Delhi  |  Doctor of Laws (S.J.D.), Harvard

Dr. Surat Singh is Harvard and Oxford educated top lawyer of India. He practices at Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He is also an international lawyer. He was educated at Delhi (India), Oxford (England) and Harvard (America). With his three masters' degrees in law from Delhi, Oxford and Harvard and his Doctor of Laws (S.J.D) from Harvard, he is arguably the highest educated lawyer of India. Incidentally, he happens to be the contemporary of American President Barack Obama at Harvard Law School during 1988-90. After his seven years stint at Oxford and Harvard, Dr. Surat Singh returned to India and started his law career in 1992 with the then Attorney General of India, G. Ramaswamy.

Illustrious Career & Professional Achievements

Dr. Surat Singh's list of professional achievements is long. To date, Dr. Surat Singh has successfully handled complex legal cases involving land & real estate properties valuing more than INR 250,000 crores (US$ 50 billion) for State and Federal Government, top corporate houses and Government corporations.

On another plane, Surat works passionately along with his other compatriot top Indian lawyers to improve the education, training and practice of law in the country. He has lectured extensively in Indian and international law-school campuses. Surat’s opinions, analyses and features regularly publish in the most prestigious of newspapers and magazines and he is a much sought-after panelist on TV channels on debates on high-value national and international issues. 

Harvard Contemporary of President Obama

Dr. Surat Singh is also Harvard contemporary of President Barack Obama at Harvard Law School in late eighties and he actively campaigned for the re-election President Obama by starting a blog : http://indiaforobama.wordpress.com. He attended both the first and second inauguration ceremonies of Obama’s Presidency.

Honours & Awards for Dr. Surat Singh

  • The Pride of India Award 2011 (Bharat Gaurav Award 2011)
    by Indo American Friends' Group along with Chief Justice of India.

  • International Peace Award 20001
    by the International Educators for World Peace

  • Social Scientist of the year 1999
    by National Environmental Science Academy (NESA)

  • Eminent Jurist award 1997
    by the then Delhi Chief Minister, Shri Sahib Singh Verma in April 1997
Network & Associations
  • Dr. Surat Singh served as President of Harvard Club of India (twice)
  • President of Harvard University Alumni Association of Asia (2004- 2006)
  • Hony. Secretary of Oxford Cambridge Society of India

Dr. Surat’s law firm Surat Singh & Associates is based out of New Delhi and it offers legal services to national and international clients in corporate and business matters.  To know more about how you can participate in Surat Singh’s public interest initiatives or seek assistance in legal matters, please write to info@drsurat.com.

Dr. Surat Singh addressing at the Harward Law School

Dr. Surat Singh at Obama’s 2009 Inauguration

Dr. Surat Singh getting the Pride Of India Award

Dr. Surat Singh addressing a Conference
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